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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene Leaves New England Homeowners, Towns Stranded

Article Link: Hurricane Irene

After reading the article, please comment to this post answering the following questions.

1.   What was interesting about the article?

2.   What was something you did not know prior to reading the article?

3.    What percent of people in Newfane were unable to get to their homes?


  1. 1.) how many states and cities the hurricane hit.
    2.) 40 people in 11 states died.
    3.) 150 out of 1710/8.771%

  2. 1) There wasn't anything interesting to me about the article, I mean like I know it happened and all but people not having anywhere to go nor live just don't interest me.
    2) I didn't know that hurricane Irene did that much damage. Its crazy how mother nature can do so much damage.
    3) I would say about 8% wasn't able to get out there homes.

  3. 1. I guess reading about he damage caused.
    2. I didn't know anything about the hurricane.
    3. the population is 1,710 and 150 of them were unable to get to there homes.

  4. 1. I always found it amazing that water can do so much damage.
    2.i didnt know that there was only 40 deaths, im sorry for those who has lost their lifes but glade that it didnt take anymore that we know of.
    3.(pop. 1,710)

  5. Something interesting about the article is,the flood isolated entire towns, and cut off alot of peoples electricity.I did not even know about hurricane Irene,so i learned alot.About 150 people could not get to their homes.

  6. 1.) I was intrigued by the vast and awesome power that hurricanes can produce. If only we could find a way to use that energy for good...

    2.) I did not know anything about the storm except the name of it, because i don't care much about weather disasters.

    3.) 8.8% of the towns population was stranded.

  7. I appreciate all of your thoughtful responses. Nice Work!!!!

  8. 1. what was so interesting about the article is that even with how big of a disaster this event had been nobody had any complaints, they received helped very promptly, and they stuck together throughout this whole tragedy.

    2. I didn't know that the hurricane had hit my hometown, North Carolina.

    3. There were about 9% of the Newfane population that could not get not get to their homes.