Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dog boom as China's attitudes on pets, palates change

Article Link:  DOG BOOM

After reading the article, please respond to the three questions below.

1.  What are your thoughts about eating dog meat?

2.  How many dogs are residents permitted to own?

3. What is the conversion rate from US dollars to Yuan?


  1. 1.) i couldn't eat dog meat. it just don't sound right
    2.) one dog, if there neighbors allow it.
    3.) 50,000 yuan is equal to 7,800 dollars.

  2. 1.) My thoughts on eating dog meat is that it is nasty and i would never do it.. its cruel..

    2.) there is a China's ONE dog policy.. so only 1 dog..

    3.) like 50,000 dollars in Yuan is about only 7,800 in US dollars..

  3. 1.) I personally wouldn't eat it, but at the same time I feel that if you want to enjoy a nice steak, the meat it's made of shouldn't matter. The way I see it is "Well YOU'RE the one who wants to eat it, not me. So eat up."

    2.) Most are only allowed to have one dog.

    3.) One U.S. dollar equals 6.39 Chinese yuan

  4. .1 that's horrible, I think dog's are man's best friend's I love meat but not dog meat cause they are really loveable creatures.

    2. Residents are allowed to own one dog.

    3.50,000 yuan in China is about 7,800 U.S Dollars

  5. 1. I don't think a dog would taste very good.
    2. They are only aloud to have one dog.
    3. Google told me 6.38553?

  6. 1. I couldn't Eat Dog.
    2.one dog policy, they have ask permission from their neighbors
    3.$1.00 is equal to 6.50

  7. 1. eating dog? i just couldn't do it, if it was good or not. i cant see me eating dog because i cant see myself eating my dog.

    2. in the residents their only allowed to own one dog, because some people may not always have an economic ability to take care of dogs.

    3. Zhang Lin bought her poodle for 4,000 & yuan $626.

  8. I would not eat dog meat, unless I had no other access to food, i think i would eat dirt before dog meat.

    One dog but even then the neighbors have to approve.

    50,000 yuan equals 7,800 american dollars

  9. Hi Everybody,

    I love all of your comments. Your answers to number one are especially interesting!!! Thanks for taking the time to contribute.

    Ms. Straight

  10. 1. My thoughts on eating dog meat is that I personally couldn't. It is the same as eating a cow but since I've never had a pet cow or a close relationship with one it doesn't bother me to eat "them" (beef).

    2. In China they have a 1-dog-only law per household so they can only have one.

    3. The conversion rate from US money to Yuan is 1 american dollar is 6.3956 in Yuan. so its 1:6.3956 from american to chinese