Thursday, September 1, 2011

Father accused of throwing son off boat says he was joking

Please read the article: Father Accused

After reading, respond to the three questions below.

1.  Why did the father throw his son overboard?

2.  Do you think the father is innocent? Explain.

3.  Let's assume that the boat could only hold 15,000 pounds.  If all passengers weighed the same, what would their maximum weight be?


  1. 1. his son was crying.
    2. no not from what the others was saying, but what can i say i was not there to see what happend.
    3. 176

  2. 1. The father threw his son overboard because he wouldn't stop crying after being upset over an argument his father and girlfriend had.

    2. I do not believe the father is innocent due to the fact that he caused the child to cry then hit him for crying and threw his son overboard in front of over a hundred witnesses.

    3. Assuming the 85 people on the boat included the father, his two sons, the girlfriend, and the tour man then everyone would weigh 176.47lb each.

  3. 1.) The father said he was swimming with him, but others account that he was angry at the child and wanted to force his son to stop crying.

    2.) I think the father is guilty. Regardless of the situation you do NOT throw a kid off the front of a moving boat, especially if they can't swim well.

    3.) There is no correct answer to this question because all the article said was that 85 people on the boat, minus the father and his two sons. If a weight for one of the people was listed THEN I could give you an answer, following the above parameters.

  4. 1) i think he through him over board because he don't know how to take care of kids, and he thought he would get by with it.

    2) No i don't think hes innocent because there was to many people around that seen him throw his little baby overboard and there's no way all these people was making this up.

    3)110 lbs

  5. The father threw the child overboard because he was frustrated and his son would not stop crying!
    I do not think the father is innocent because if someone threw my child off a cruise boat i would be angry he is the on who threw the child and laughs about it"he was only joking" that dont sound like any joke i ever herd! 176 pounds!

  6. 1.) he threw his son off the boat because he was crying
    2.) no, he's guilty. you shouldn't throw your son off of a boat for crying
    3.) 176

  7. 1. The father threw his son off the boat because the 7 year old got upset about his parents argument and started crying.
    2. I do not believe the father is innocent because their was too many reasons why not to throw him off the boat, he should have thought first and his son could have died.
    3.85 people on the boat so the maximum weight would be 176lbs each person

  8. 1) The father threw his son overboard because his son was crying.

    2)I think the father is GUILTY. Even though he was mad or whatever he didn't have to hit him and on top of that throw his son overboard. Plus his son can't swim all that good.

    3)Their max weight would be 176.47 lbs

  9. Hi Everybody,

    It looks like all of you paid very close attention to the article. I thought all of your responses were well thought out. Nice work!!

    I believe that the father was guilty as well.

  10. This article reminds me of the republican congress. The father gets angry at his girlfiend and takes it out on his 7 year old kid by throwing him off the boat. The republican congress gets mad because obama was elected and they take it out on the average citizen by cutting benefits

  11. Mr. Myers has a short memory, democrats controlled the house (where all money bills start) and the Senate (and still do) for the first two years of President Obama's term. What benefits have been cut? Freshen up Myers.

    I am a father. It is the greatest feeling in the world. There are times where my patience runs out but throwing him off a boat, or a similar act has never crossed my mind. Rough housing is good for strength and building controlled toughness. Throwing a child in shallow water is dangerous!! Just like Myers, this father needs to wise up a little.

  12. 1. the father said he was jokeing

    2. no i dont think he is innocent because you shouldnt play like that

    3. not sure...