Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Georgia parole board hears last-ditch appeal from death-row inmate

Article:  Death-Row Inmate

Please respond to the following questions:

1.  What are your feelings about the death penalty?

2.  Do you think the request for clemency should have been granted?

3.  How many hours are remaining until he is scheduled to be executed?


  1. 1.I don't be leave in the death penalty. I don't think someone should be killed because of a crime, two wrongs don't make a right. 2.I think The request for clemency should have been granted.

  2. 1.) I Don't Think there is anything wrong with the death penalty because if someone can take someone elses life someone should take theres!

    2.) No i do not think the request for celmency should have been granted because he comitted a crime he should deal with the outlook!

    3.) 29 Hours

  3. i think sometimes you do need the death penalty.for people who takes others life they should have theirs taken even tho its not always right.but maybe not for clemency .he had until wensday at 7:00pm till the next execution

  4. 1. I feel the death penalty is not a justified way to kill someone.. lives are not ours to take, even in redemption of a gruesome crime
    2.Absolutely, especially because of the lack of proof they have against him

  5. 1.) people that deserve the death penalty should get it, but not someone who only killed a police officer 22 years ago. my uncle Steve got shot 7 times and the guy who did it only got 5 years, not the death penalty. and besides there's a lot of bad cops out there, who's to say he didn't deserve to get shot.
    2.) yes clemency should be granted. why is shooting a cop so much much worse than shooting someone who's not a cop, they shouldn't give someone the death penalty for shooting a cop when they only give someone 5 years for killing someone else.
    3.) he is scheduled to die at 7 pm Wednesday

  6. 1.) I feel that if you deserve it, then you should be killed. However, that is only if you are GUILTY BEYOND ANY DOUBT. People doubt that Troy did indeed shot the cop.

    2.) If they can eliminate the doubt surrounding whether he did the crime or not, then I think they have the right to choose whether he lives or dies.

    3.) 18 hours and 32 minutes

  7. michaela said

    i there should not be a death penalty for anybody because when they do that they are killing somebodys parents or child.

    yes i think he should just do his time n get out so that when he does die he can say good bye to his family.

    he got 43 hours until he executed.

  8. 1. I don't think he should get a death penalty, definitely not until they are absolutely positive he did it for sure. What if later on they find out he didn't do it? They would have killed a man for no reason. 2. Not really sure. 3. 32 hours

  9. 1) I don't feel like there is anything wrong with the death penalty. Their just doing their job and making sure justice is served.

    2)I do believe that the request for clemency should be granted because there is not enough evidence to give Davis a life sentence.

    3)21 Hours

  10. 1.i dont believe in the death penalty , someone shouldn't be killed for something , maybe locked up forever.. but not killed.
    2. the request for the clemency should be granted.
    3. about 21 hours

  11. 1)I think some people should get the death penalty depending on what there crime is.I think if someone is in jail or prison for murder then they should get the death penalty. It is bad to retaliate on things and make it worst but if you take someone's life, yours should be gone!

    2)No, I don't think the request for clemency should b granted.

    3)21 hrs

  12. 1. i agree with the death penalty, i feel if some one does something so bad they should have to pay for it with their life!!!

    2. yes

    3. i dont know?

  13. 1. My feelings about the death penalty is that we shouldnt use it. Instead we should use those going away for life or sentenced to the death penalty for lab rats & stop using animals who dont deserve it.

    2.Yes i believe the clemency should be granted there was too many questions on the lack of evidence as well as discrepancy in the evidence they did have.

    3. You cannot estimate his execution time since it only says 7pm Weds he was supposed to get the injection and they wont reach a final decision until Tues at the earliest.