Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kenya Pipeline Explodes

Article Link: Kenya Pipeline Explodes

After reading the article, please respond to these questions.

1.  Why do you think people would engage in this risky behavior knowing the possible consequences?

2.  According to the article, what was the total number of deaths and people admitted to the hospital?

3.  Did you find anything interesting about the article?


  1. 1.) Kenyans need fuel to run the any things they have, but they are terribly poor people and so are more desperate.

    2.) At least 75 died and 118 are hospitalized, so the total is 193 people that received some form of injury (whether fatal or not).

    3.)That one person's ignorance can have such a devastating influence on an entire country's economy.

  2. 1.I believe people would do anything to survive and stealing fuel from a pipeline is one of them.
    2.The total number of people who died and that were admitted to the hospital was about 193 people.
    3.The only thing that interests me is why would people take that risk and not thinking of the outcome?

  3. 118 hospieliszed and 75 killed

  4. 1.) they are very poor people. and desperate causes makes a person do just about anything.

    2.) 193 people had some kind of injury.

    3.) its crazy one person does something it messes up alot more people. not just that person.

  5. 1.In the moment of doing things such as this, i think people ignore the possible consequences, so even though there are risks they look at what is probable to happen..
    2. 75 deaths and 118 hospitalized
    3.i dont find anything interesting about this article

  6. 1) I think people do things without thinking.
    2) At least 75 people died and 118 was admitted to the hospital.
    3) No

  7. 1.people steeling dont think about what will happen.
    2.there were 75 died and 183 in hospital.
    3.how people will do crazy things before thinking about hat could happen in the end.

  8. 1. They probably lived there because they was on a low budget or they just didn't have the heart to move away from his home. Some people just feel that that's where they started off at and that's where their going to finish.
    2. At least 75 people died and 118 were admitted into hospitals. ; the total number would be 193
    3. People are crazy.

  9. 1. People may have engaged in this risky behavior in hopes of fuel being leaked so they can sell it to make some money, have better living conditions, or just for food.

    2. The number of deaths was at least 75 and there were 118 people admitted to the hospital.

    3. What I found interesting about the article was instead of gathering some of the leaked fuel some people would actually start a fire causing explosions to occur even though they knew the outcome.