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Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Toddlers & Tiaras' Controversy: Are they growing up too fast?

Article Link:  Toddler and Tiaras

After reading the article, please respond to the following questions:

1.  What age do you think is acceptable for these pageants?

2.  Do you agree with Juana Myers?  Why or why not?


  1. 1. Honestly age 3 is acceptable for pageants as long as you're not modifying your child into a "doll". At this age children are still pure and should be shown as they were meant to be, themselves.

    2. I strongly disagree with Juana Myers. Modeling is not a sport but it is a very competitive event. Also if they wouldn't have their toddlers portraying the images of "hookers" then the public eye would have no "harsh" feelings on the pageant world or the parents.

  2. 1. The age that i believe is appropriate for the pageants would be at least 10 years old.
    2.In some kind of way i agree with Juan Myers but i think a child should be old enough to understand the difference between life at home and the life of the pageants.

  3. 1.) I think any age is acceptable for a pageant, but i do not think its okay to cake pounds of make up and dress them like "hookers" from movies! I think a child should be dressed like a child!

    2.)I strongly disagree with Juana Myers! Just for the fact that if they wouldn't make there children into "dolls" there wouldn't be anyone throwing the pageants in her face. LET KIDS BE KIDS!

  4. well i dont even know what to say after reading that "padded bras""skanky outfits" idk what are they preparing their kids for a pagent or sullivent ave i guess 16 should be the starting age.

    NO she just dont care about her child, only the image and attention she gets from her daughter dressin like a hooker on TELEVISION .......... Im scared

  5. I think any age is acceptable , but they dont have to look like "dolls" and be dress like streetwalkers.

    I somewhat agree and disagree because that is true , but then again these kids are so young and being dressed inappropriately so somebody had to say something .

  6. 1. I really don't think moms should be putting little kids in doll clothes it makes them have a perspective on looks at such a young age they should be 13 to join and its just for tv who really cares.

    2.I don't think modeling is a sport I think and you shouldn't put your kid through that if they don't want to just cause your the parent don't mean you got to make them do activities they don't wanna do or trick them into it .

  7. I Think An Age Limit Shouldn't Matter, But If There Young And Are In The Pageants, They Should Be Able To Still Be A Kidd And Not Grow Up fast In A World That Has Gotten worse With Crimes.
    So No i Strongly Disagree With Juana Myers!

  8. In my opinion age 3 is a good age, but only to an extent. The problems with their costumes and behaviors isn't their fault, its mostly their parents. The kids just want to dress up and have fun in a competition, they don't need spray tans or eyebrow waxes. I don't agree with Juana Myers. She is one of the parents that are the reason this is happening, and everyone wonders why those toddlers act like brats!

  9. 1.) I think that a person shouldn't enter a pageant, or any type of contest for that matter, until both the person entering AND the parents can perform to expectations without belittling themselves and their kids. The age wouldn't matter as much then and the issue would die down, as most people with sense in their heads would cause great penalty to those who portrayed themselves or their kids in an age inappropriate fashion.

    2.) I disagree, if pageants were meant to be sports, you'd probably have more standards and quite possibly uniforms too. Ms. Myers caught herself in a loop on that one and trapped herself.

  10. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for taking the time to participate in the activity. I enjoyed reading your reactions and opinions to the article.
    I do not know a lot about pageants, but I would have to agree with Kayla's statement that a child should be dressed like a child. I do not think that it is appropriate for these children to be spray tanned and wear too much make up. During our class discussion, a student brought up the point that natural beauty is most appropriate. I have to agree!!

    Ms. Straight