Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Article Link: Bullying

After reading the article, please respond to the following questions.

1.  What were the two discoveries made during the study?

2.  Please share your thoughts on bullying.

3.  Have any of you witnessed or been part of a bullying situation?  If so, please explain.


  1. 1.) The discoveries are: "Aggressive behavior does not elevate social status." and "Aggressive students lead to their friends becoming aggressive as well."

    2.) I have put up with bullying for my whole life, so I see it as negligible to my state of mind. I generally just ignore bullies and hey get bored & leave.

    3.) My little brother is a big bully to everyone he meets. If he doesn't like you he hits you till you cry, if he does like you then he will fight you then befriend you after he beats you down. This is one example of the bullies i have had to deal with all my life. Though most were just idiots in school.

  2. 1. the discoveries are " aggressive behavior does not elevate social status." and "aggressive students lead to their friends becoming aggressive as well" .

    2. i myself has never really been bullied , & if iwas i simply ignored it . i will never do it to someone because ive seen what its done to people & idont have the heart to do it .

    3. no ?

  3. 1. The study shows that bullying comes from verbal, physical, and cyber confrontation to proclaim social hierarchy.

    2. Bullying is a natural part of life. You have bullys and people who are bullied, to say if its right or wrong would really have to depend on the situation.

    3. I have heard of bullying situations, but ive never bullied or been bullied myself.

  4. the two discoveries made during the study was that bully's are victims and aggressors.i think the kids that are bullying people should be bulled by a person bigger than them to show them how it feels to be bulled.maybe they will stop bullying people if they dont like being bulled.

  5. i learned at every school theirs a bully.and 81% percent of aggressive incidents never reported,so it stays bottled up.i dont care for any bullying.i've been on both ends of bullying in my life seen it and you have to put it all behind you and not think about it or it will get to you.

  6. Two discoveries are When kids increase in their status, on average, they tend to have a higher risk of victimization as well as a higher risk of becoming aggressive and Family background of kids does not really seem to matter in their aggressive behavior. Instead, what really matters is where they are located in the school hierarchy.

    Bullying is Pointless, people need to learn to keep thoughts to themselves and learn not to pick on people, just because you pick on someone doesn't mean your better than that person. and if you get bullied, it doesn't mean the person bullying you is any better than you.

    I had a friend back in elementary school that use to get picked on everyday until one day a big group of people and I stood up for him and after that he didn't get messed with as much

  7. 1. The first discovery is that aggressive behavior, on the whole, does not actually work to elevate kids' social status. The second discovery is that behavior is contagious. When students are aggressive, there's a higher likelihood that their friends will become aggressive.

    2. I really don't think there is anything you can say that's nice about bullying. Its just wrong. Peoples feeling get hurt and a lot of the time its something that sticks with them and effects them their whole life. I even had to deal with a youth group leader trying to bully me and my friends once. Its unacceptable.

    3. If you have ever met a person who hasn't dealt with some type of bullying I would be surprised. Of course Ive been bullied, it sucks. But now that I'm older I ignore what others have to say that's negative or just plain not true about me. Most the time people are smart enough not to mess with me like that though because I have to many friends young and old to back me up.

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