Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lowe's Closes Stores

Article Link:  Lowe's

Please answer the questions after reading the article.

1.  What percentage of workers will be laid off?

2.  What percentage of stores will be closed?

3.  Why do you think it costs the store to close them?  How much will it cost?

Please use proper grammar and complete sentences.


  1. there will be 1,950 workers laid off and 20 percent of the stores will be closed it cost $100 million and $130 million to close the stores i think it cost that much because it includes the lease obligations and employee layoffs and inventory adjustments

  2. 1.) 1/120 of the workers got laid-off.

    2.) Roughly 50% will close.

    3.) Lease obligations, employee layoffs and inventory adjustments. The cost will be roughly $100,000,000 - $130,000,000

  3. 1. 2.8 percent will be laid off

    2. 1.5 percentage of stores will be closed?


  4. 1,950 workers and 2,000 jobs, almost half the stores will close and the cost will be up to 130,000,000

  5. 1.0.008333333
    3.Because you got to move stocks shelves maybe destroy the last building and maybe pay people at those stores it will be close to 100 to 130 million $U.S DOLLARS.

  6. 1950 workers will be laid off.
    About 20 percent of the stores will close.
    I am not to sure why it cost money to close down,I would think they would make some money shutting down a couple locations.

  7. 1.There will be 0.0083%of workers laid off.

    2.There will be 0.0117%of Lowe's stores closing.

    3.I wouldn't think it would cost a lot to close any store but from what they're saying its going to have expenses from the closings that will come to between $100 million and $130 million.