Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scientists studying universe's expansion win Nobel Prize in Physics

Article Link: Scientists Studying Universe

After reading the article, please respond to the following questions.

1.  How much of the money went to the two scientists?

2.  If you won 1 million dollars, what would you buy?  Please be specific.


  1. 1.)The Scientist Won 1.44 Million Dollars!

    2.) If had 1 million dollars i would buy a nice house, and a car, and save the rest for whatever i needed it for most likely my kids schooling!

  2. the scientist won about $1.44 million if i had a million dollors i would probably buy a nice house and keep the rest the money in the bank

  3. The amount of money given to the two scientist who won the Nobel Peace Prize was about 10 million in Swedish Kronor, and about 1.44 million in U.S dollars. If I were to win 1 million dollar I would buy a huge ranch, and get trained horses, a few acres of open land, farm animals, and I would dedicate my ranch to helping disabled children learn how to walk and function.

  4. 1)1.44 million dollars
    2)i honestly dont know what i would do with 1 million dollars

  5. the scientists got ten million dollars or 1.44 million in sweetish currency.if i had a million dollars i would buy my grandparents a new house and me a nice car

  6. 1.
    -The scientist won 1.44million dollars.
    - If I had a million dollars, I would by a house, and a car. I would also donate some of the money to organization I find to be important, and lastly I would put the rest in a saving account, for future spending.

  7. 1. About 1.44 million.
    2. First Id probably end up giving it away to people I love who need it. And then I would put most of it away for college and other things like that, that comes with growing up.

  8. 1.) If the prize was $1,440,000 and each scientist got an equal part of it, then each scientist got $480,000. The total then for the American scientists would be a sum total of $960,000.

    2.) If I had $1,000,000 I would save it for my future children's college funds.

  9. 1. 10 million Swedish kronor which is about $1.44 million went to the scientists.

    2. If I won 1 million dollars I would use that money to buy my mom her own house. Also I would buy things for myself and save what ever I have left for school.

  10. 1. the two scientists got about 1.44 millions dollars all together.
    2. if i got one million dollars, id move out of my parents place n get a huge house and a sweet car, buy my parents a house and each of them a car, buy new clothes and new house furniture. And for all of my close friends id give them some of the money so they could do something useful with it, because i definatly would not be greedy if i got one million dollars. i believe a lot more people would need it other than me.

  11. 1.) 1.44 mill
    2.) I don't even know what I would do with all that money. I will probably save it.