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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Man loses nearly 200 pounds

Article Link:  Man loses

After reading the article, please respond to the following questions.

1.  What percentage of weight did he lose?

2.  After losing the initial 40 pounds in the first month, what was his average pounds lost per month?

3.  Share any additional thoughts about the article.


  1. 1.) He lost 47% of his fat.

    2.) He lost an average of 35.56 pounds per month.

    3.) I thought that it was kinda neat. Maybe him and Jared (the Subway icon) should go out for lunch.

  2. i couldn't be live he lost near 200 pounds.he lost 40 the first month and after that i dunno.i like his story,its inspirational to others who wanna lose weight

  3. 1.46%
    2.about 20 pounds a month
    3.that is a lot of workin out

  4. 1. 53%
    2. 16.8 per month
    3. he had a good reason to lose it lol

  5. The correct answers are:
    1. 53%
    2. 17 pounds per month

    I just have to say that Malikki's response to question number 3 made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the discussion guys!!!