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Monday, October 15, 2012

Math problem of the week (October 15th)

Please answer all parts to your question of the week!

1.  Colin’s back yard measures 24 ft by 30 ft. What is the area of Colin’s back yard, in square feet?

2.  Colin estimated that the leaves, which have fallen from the lone tree in his back yard,

cover about 2/3 of the back yard’s area. According to Colin’s estimation, how many

square feet of his back yard are covered in the fallen leaves?



  1. Tristin WashingtonOctober 17, 2012 at 5:20 AM

    1. the area of Colin's back yard is 720ft is 480ft

  2. 1.his yard is 720 square ft
    2.its 480 ft that's covered

  3. 1.Colin's back yard is 720ft squared.

    2.480ft squared cover the yard in leaves.

  4. 1.) The area of Colin's backyard is 720s/ft.

    2.) 480 square feet is how much of Colin's backyard is covered in fallen leaves.

  5. The area in sq ft is 720 35*24 = 720

    480 is the amount of sq ft to that cover the yard ..

  6. colins yard is 720 feet
    480 feet is covered in leaves

  7. 1.Colins yard is 720ft
    2.480 square ft is how much of Colin's backyard is covered with fallen leaves.