Monday, October 22, 2012

Math Question of the Week (October 22nd)

For lunch Fanya drank a can of cola that had a diameter of 2 inches and a height of 5 inches. After school, she drank a can of juice that measures twice the diameter and twice the height of the can of cola.

Find the volume of each can.

Determine how many times larger the volume of the juice can is than the volume of the cola can.

Please use complete sentences to explain how you arrived at your answer.  Credit will not be given unless you do.



  1. Tristin WashingtonOctober 22, 2012 at 5:14 AM

    the volume of the first volume 15.7 .The volume of the second can is 125.6 It is 8 times larger in volume

  2. volume=3.14x1^2x5=15.7.The second can is v=3.14 x2^2x5=125.6,thats about 8 times larger than the other can

    1. Thank you Matt for taking the time to correct your answer.

  3. 125.6 and 8 times bigger

  4. 1.The volume of the cola can is 1*3.14*5=15.7 V=15.7.

    2.The volume of the juice can is 4*3.14*10=125.6 V=125.6.

    3. 125.6/15.7=8 So the juice can volume is 8 times larger than the cola can volume.

  5. the volume of a cylinder is pi*radius*height the cola can has a diameter of 2 then the radius is 1 inch the volume would be pi*1*1*5 the juice can has a diameter of 4 inches then the radius is 2inches pi*2*2*10 the can of juice is 8 larger in volume !

  6. V=3.14x1 ^2x5=15.7 The second can is V=3.14 x2^2x5=125.6,it's about 8 times bigger than the second can.