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Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween Photo

Please click on this link to read the article. 

Please give your opinion about the photo and tell whether or not they should have had to apologize.  Your answer should be in complete sentences and approximately a paragraph in length.


  1. I think that the photo was very reasanable, that they should not have to to apologize for there photo. Everyone has there rights and they are aloud to post pictures in there own opioions. So i beleive that they should have there rights and not have to apoligize for them posting up a photo. Also it should have not been took down.

  2. Well i think it wasn't that bad really.It was just some girls dressing up.I guess they could find it racist she painted her face . But i really dont see the big deal . she was just trying to play the role of a character .

  3. I think the photo is okay it was just people having fun and dressing
    up i don't think the girl wanted to hurt anyone

  4. i would come to the understanding that if that was the original picture and that was the picture they was interested in then that would've been the picture on their in the first place. i believe they should have too apologize to the dukes. in a way its o.k., but you got to look at it like that wasn't their place to do that what do they have that is interested in the dukes. i would be mad myself because what if i had have put alot into this website that particular day.

  5. I don't think there was anything wrong with the photo. It was a part of a costume party, and if you've seen "The Little Rascals" then you would know that Buckwheat is black. They were just trying to follow the movie. In my opinion they should not have been took down, and they should not have to apologize for the photo.