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Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Article Reading

Click on this link:  Penguins

After reading the article, write your thoughts about the following quote using four to five sentences: "Nearly everybody seems to love penguins, and not enough people love math," he said. "If we use math to study penguins, we could potentially teach more people to love math, too!"


  1. I think it would be a good idea to use penguins to get people interested in math.Penguins are something people like so if you put it with math people enjoy both

  2. I think what he means is studying penguins would lead people to do more math. he believes alot of people dislike math. He's saying penguins would make math more interesting and fun making people enjoy it better. Also if we used more math in learning about penguins people would read more of the math about the animal and learn more than if you just read an article with all words describing a penguin.

  3. well i still don't really get the quote . Just because i still don't get how penguins how anything to do with math.i understand that whole huddle thing they did,were they all rotate. But i don't see how using math to study penguins help lie them more.I guess they just want people to do more math.

  4. I don't think this quote is true. Just because someone loves one thing doesn't mean that they will love something else just ,because they are put together. Those people who love penguins won't automatically love math also just because you put them together. So just because someone likes one thing doesn't mean they will like something else.

  5. Learning math is 1 of the biggest and most basic subject to learn, although it can get quite confusing and very challanging. Making math easier to understand would be a better idea than to compare it to penguins because nearly everyone likes penguins. By using penguins as an example for math would not make it easier to do or understand, it will only make people wonder why or how? Why should we use penguins to make people like math better? An how can combining penguins and math going to make math any easier? These are not what we need to worry about if we want people to like math. People don't need to like math or any subject for that matter, what we need is a better understanding, easier way's to grasp the knowledge on how to do mathmatical equations. In my best opinion I really dont think penguins are going to help people like or appreciate math any better.

    BY : Justin Jurgens.