Monday, February 25, 2013

Ohio Child Rape

Please read the article:  Ohio Child Rape

The adoptive father, who is 40 years old, has already been sentenced here to at least 60 years in prison. In Dayton, he is expected to be sentenced to at least 50 years, to run concurrently. As a tax-payer, do you want to feed, clothe, and provide a place for this man to live for the rest of his life?

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  1. That is repulsive because a child was raped and this man is going to be fed, clothed, and have a roof over his head with money from my paycheck no thank you i do not want my taxes to pay for his food shelter and clothes he should be hung or lethally injected as any rapist, child molester, murderer, if their in prison for life or the crime is horrible they shouldn't have the chance at a trial because the victim didn't have a chance. Why give him a chance?